30 years of information security innovation

For three decades, we have been pushing the limits of innovation in information security, having made it our central focus. Our product and service offering constitutes OKIOK’s distinctive strength on a global scale and allows us to address the entirety of an organization’s security governance and information protection needs. Secure file transfer and identity governance products, targeted and value-added professional services, as well as custom security solutions leverage our specialists’ skills and expertise, allowing us to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Being at the cutting edge is at the heart of our DNA since our inception, whether it’s in terms of developing new products, exploring new techniques or constantly renewing our skills. Our unique approach has also led us to export our know-how by evolving our methodologies in a structured and standardized manner, thus enabling our international partners to offer our penetration testing and our identity and access compliance services in their markets.

The extensive experience and creativity of our experts, as well as our mastery of industry best practices, make us your best ally in meeting your current and future business challenges in a secure manner and in addressing your compliance challenges relating to the various laws and regulations in effect.

Known as a global pioneer, OKIOK has been on a roll for thirty years…and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Dare to go beyond the beaten path

OKIOK has become synonymous with innovation in research and development. While technologies and their use lead to new challenges at a rapid pace, we find new ways of doing things and go where others fear to tread. This culture of excellence drives us to constantly surpass ourselves in developing the most relevant solutions and serving our clients’ best interests. While conventional solutions are often complex and costly, we strive to offer solutions that are both simple and in line with your budget.

Our experts are known to be at the top of their profession, the best in the industry. It is no coincidence that many of them are often called upon to give interviews to the media and to share their knowledge through seminars and industry conferences.

The OKIOK culture is ultimately about ensuring that a stimulating atmosphere prevails at all times and that our experts continue to maintain the innovative spirit that is still vibrantly alive after thirty years.


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