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The GLPI connector allows data synchronization between GLPI and RAC/M Identity. To do this, the connector uses the GLPI Rest API.


The following parameters are required regardless of the authentication method used:

API URLThe URL of the API to connect to.
Authentication methodThe authentication method to use for connecting to the API. Possible values are userToken and password.
App tokenThe token used to connect to an instance of the API client. It can be found in Configuration -> General -> API.

Other parameters are also required for the GLPI connector.


Authentication can be done in two ways: with a user token or with a username and password.

Authentication with a user token is the recommended method. It is more secure than authentication with a username and password.

User Token

Authentication methoduserToken
Authentication tokenThe "userToken" obtained from My Preferences -> API Token.

Username and Password

Note: This authentication method is not recommended. If possible, use a user token instead.

Authentication methodpassword
UsernameThe username used to connect to the API.
PasswordThe password used to connect to the API.