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The HubSpot connector is a Scripted API connector. Please refer to the Scripted API documentation for more details.

The HubSpot connector allows data synchronization between HubSpot and RAC/M Identity. To do this, the connector uses the HubSpot Rest API. The API documentation is available at

Like all scripts used by the Scripted API connector, this connector can be modified to meet specific requirements. You can refer to other reference scripts to see how scripts can be modified.


The following parameters are required for all Scripted API connectors:

Script PathPath to the Groovy script.
API URLThe URL of the API to connect to.

The API URL should be

Additional parameters are also required for the HubSpot connector.


The connector supports authentication using "Private App".

You need to create a private app following the instructions at The following scopes are required for the connector to function:

  • settings.users.write
  • settings.users.teams.write

You will then need to retrieve your "Access Token" from the "Details" tab. This value will be used as the "Bearer Token".

When configuring the connector, you need to provide the following information:

ConfigurationShould contain
Bearer TokenLe "Access Token".
Preferred Authentication MethodBearer