Computer Forensics

Computer forensics

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Identify and preserve electronic evidence

Disputes involving information technologies have their own set of challenges and complexity, requiring special computer forensics expertise to ensure that the evidence remains intact and can be recognized in court. Supported by their experience, training and specialized tools, OKIOK’s certified experts handle the evidence obtained according to best industry practices to ensure its integrity throughout the process of obtaining, duplicating, analyzing, processing and presenting results and protection of evidence. A specific response protocol ensures the confidentiality, integrity, chain of custody and admissibility in court.

OKIOK computer forensics specialists follow strict procedures in addition to having access-controlled secure premises, safes, specialized software and highly secure transport equipment.


  • Data and computer seizures
  • Analysis of evidence and data integrity
  • Data retrieval and restoration of deleted files
  • Attempts at cracking encryption
  • Analysis of litigious emails
  • Identification and correlation of traces
  • Smartphones and devices analysis
  • Anti-forensic
  • Strategic coaching
  • Expert report and trial testimony


  • Criminal cases (fraud, extorsion, etc.)
  • Anton Piller and Norwich orders
  • Falsification of data
  • Work and labour investigations
  • Privacy and data breaches
  • Defamation
  • Computer hacking and incident response
  • Corporate investigations and internal audits
  • Intellectual Property and industrial espionage


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