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With certified experts, a
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Whether to protect from threats or to meet compliance requirements, organizations must implement preventive measures to ensure that their networks and applications are adequately secured.

Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment is the first step in the process and consists of determining whether applications and systems have exploitable flaws that can jeopardize the technological environment. The security analysis and test results highlight areas in need of improvement and provide clear recommendations to remediate these vulnerabilities.

OKIOK’s team of dedicated experts and specialists, performs several hundred penetration tests and vulnerability assessments yearly. Although OKIOK positioned itself as the reference in the gaming and lottery space, it provides testing services in other sectors including multimedia, health care, energy, finance/banking, transportation, government services, education and many more, both domestically and internationally. OKIOK provides penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services required for NERC CIP compliance in the energy space as well as for PCI DSS in the payment sector.

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  • External Services Penetration Testing
  • Internal Services Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Attack Testing
  • Cloud Architecture and Configuration Security Review
  • Mobile Device Security Configuration Security Review
  • Database Server Security Review
  • Networking Infrastructure Security Review
  • Virtualization Infrastructure Security Review
  • Wi-Fi Networks Penetration Testing
  • Denial of Service Testing
  • Data Leakage Testing
  • Sensitive Data Identification
  • Code Review
  • Phishing
  • Incident Response
  • Computer Forensics


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The experience and techniques developed by OKIOK experts are captured in a proven methodology that meets and exceeds industry best practices and industry standards. In fact, there is a patent pending on this exclusive methodology, particularly as it relates to the protection of client data confidentiality.


OKIOK applies strict measures to protect the data collected or used by encrypting all information stored and transmitted, strong authentication to test systems and the final declassification of the test environment. This formal commitment, combined with the diligence and methods to fulfill it, provide significant assurance to our clients that their information and results will remain strictly confidential.


OKIOK’s business approach rests on the importance of establishing partnerships built on trust with its clients. To that end, the first step is the drafting of an engagement protocol to ensure that the work is done in a structured manner and in accordance with best practices.

By signing this agreement, the client and OKIOK formally agree to the specific conditions determining how testing will be carried out: IP ranges, systems targeted and those to exclude, allowable and forbidden time slots, as well as any other constraints and particular conditions.


The final report provides much more information than a simple executive overview and yet remains clear, concise and actionable as opposed to a voluminous but nearly useless dump from a scanning tool.

It describes detected vulnerabilities and classifies them according to their severity, using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), a recognized industry standard, based on the specific technological and business context of the impacted assets.

However, OKIOK experts’ engagement does not end there. In addition to identifying vulnerabilities and documenting them with concrete evidence and proposing mitigation solutions, the final report also includes a mitigation plan that outlines necessary actions in a structured and practical manner, based on a prioritization strategy.

These results can also feed into OKIOK`s comprehensive approach to define and implement an enterprise wide security program.


Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services at OKIOK are performed by a team of highly qualified experts who, for the most part, hold engineering and master’s degrees in computer science.

To remain on the cutting edge, these highly motivated experts take part in several hacking competitions such as NorthSec and Hackfest under the OKIOK banner. These professionals think like hackers and keep abreast of the latest threats and vulnerabilities through research and development as well as specialized training and certifications.


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with certified experts, a structured approach and an exclusive methodology

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  • I personally want to congratulate OKIOK not only for the quality of deliverables for the penetration testing and risk analysis, but also for the outstanding level of professionalism, courtesy and customer service of the OKIOK team throughout the project.

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