Identity Compliance
as a Service (ICAAS)

A proven methodology

supported by a powerful identity and access management tool

Regardless of the business field, organizations constantly juggle employee reassignments, the different functions they fulfill in various departments and the many accesses necessary for everyone to be able to accomplish their work. Who has access to what, what access accounts and privileges are required, how many software licenses are actually necessary, who must approve access requests, etc. More often than not, identity and access management can be a major headache and can feel like an impossible hurdle to overcome.

Organizations then begin to fear that the various network and system accesses are beyond their control and that they may become targets of confidential data theft and identity theft. Moreover, organizations are constantly under pressure from their internal and external auditors to implement effective controls for all aspects of user authentication and access to information assets.

Particularly suitable for small and medium businesses, the RAC/M Identity solution is offered as a service. It is cloud-based and therefore doesn’t require any technological infrastructure or special skills. This tool is the key to finally being able to control identity management and access to the various company resources at a lower cost, while still taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the solution.

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