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RAC/M Identity


to achieve compliance while
reducing risk and costs

RAC/M Identity™ is a simple, effective, IGA solution that enables organizations large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital assets, whether on premises or in the cloud.

It is the cornerstone upon which to build a successful IAM program capable of taming your most daunting challenges such as:

  • Lack of resources
  • Limited budgets
  • Strict timelines
  • Complex technological and business landscape

RAC/M Identity™ also addresses one of the most difficult challenges faced by IAM programs – maintaining executive support.

It automatically generates a composite health score that reflects the maturity and effectiveness of key IAM processes, enabling executive management to assess progress made as well as the remaining road ahead on the journey.


See how OKIOK’s clients have used RAC/M Identity as the cornerstone of their IAM strategy.

Rac/M identity illustration


RAC/M Identity differs from traditional Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suites by being part of a full-service offer, backed by a proven, risk free deployment methodology.

Our approach is squarely centered around implementing a solid foundation, focused on enhancing identity governance processes as a prerequisite for automating provisioning.

Configure, don’t code

RAC/M Identity easily adapts to any technological and business context by integrating with existing systems and business processes through configuration of a rich array of built-in building blocks. This eliminates costly customization efforts, reduces deployment costs, and provides better results faster.


Every RAC/M Identity implementation begins with identity data analysis, mapping and consolidation. These initial steps catalyze an organizational transformation that provides both immediate and lasting improvements to identity management practices. Our customers often tell us they were able to analyze, detect, and revoke hundreds of unnecessary accounts and entitlements, within a few days after implementation.

Reduce risk

Risk is reduced by continuously identifying and remediating risky situations such as orphaned and rogue accounts, enforcing SOD rules as well as quickly revoking unnecessary access when people leave the organization or change roles. Further, periodic access reviews enable managers and asset owners to validate access to critical assets.

Empower your workforce

RAC/M Identity improves user experience and productivity by providing Single Sign-On (SSO) with Active Directory domains as well as a self-service portal that allows key operations such as access requests, approvals and password reset to be carried out from any device with a compatible browser.

Lower your Identity governance costs

You can achieve substantial costs savings and avoid maintaining highly skilled staff by adopting Identity Governance as a Service based on RAC/M Identity deployed in a dedicated public or private cloud. This eliminates the need for a costly and complex on premises infrastructure while OKIOK provides management services such as monitoring, evergreening, upgrading, security patching and evolution.




Determine who has access to what and establish an access model



Formalize access rights review and compliance processes



Optimize request, grant and revoke with self-service and workflows



Optimize further – automate addition, modification and removal

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Once and for all, take control of identities and accesses!

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