30 years of innovation in information security

Just like the Wright brothers forever changed the face of aviation, OKIOK has been pushing back the boundaries of innovation in information security since the early beginnings of the field which, today, is still perpetually evolving. As a world pioneer, OKIOK differentiates itself through its experience and specific expertise that drive the development of world class products as well as a high end service offering spanning the governance and protection of information.

Exchange files easily and securely

In a global world where business is carried out at an ever accelerating pace, the S-Filer secure file transfer solution facilitates the secure exchange of confidential information between business partners inside and outside your organization. As the virtualization of business calls for greater and greater agility and flexibility, S-Filer allows for easy, quick yet controlled access to sensitive information.

Once for all : Take control of identities and accesses

Just like trying to track thousands of fishes that all look the same but are unique entities, organizations are swimming in daunting complexity when faced with the challenge of determining and demonstrating who has access to what IT resources. Based on its RAC/M Identity solution and top flight expertise, OKIOK’s offer in the Identity and Access Governance space allows organizations to quickly regain control and obtain an accurate view of who has access to what.

Put your systems to the test

Just like arrows raining down, organizations are besieged on all sides, placing their critical IT systems and valuable information at risk. OKIOK’s thorough expertise is recognized in the industry as are the proprietary methodologies it has developed for assessing vulnerabilities and penetration testing, allowing it to identify flaws, protect from threats and resist attacks thus helping organization secure their critical networks, IT infrastructure and applications.

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