Known as a global pioneer, OKIOK has been on a roll for thirty years… and doesn’t plan on stopping
anytime soon.

For three decades, Okiok been pushing the limits of innovation in cyber security. Our product and service offering constitute OKIOK’s distinctive strength on a global scale and allows us to address the entirety of an organization’s security governance and information protection needs. Secure file transfer and identity governance products leverage our specialists’ skills and expertise, allowing us to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Being at the cutting edge is at the heart of our DNA, whether it’s in terms of developing new products, exploring new techniques or constantly renewing our skills. Our unique approach has also led us to export our know-how by evolving our methodologies in a structured and standardized manner, thus enabling our international partners to offer our penetration testing and our identity and access compliance services in their markets.

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OKIOK annonces the availability of S-FILER/PORTAL v4.14.4

Okiok releases version 4.14.4 of S-Filer/Portal™ secure transfer solution.   Features The main purpose of this minor release is to fix a problem with anonymous file transfers and to make an update of the libraries used by the solution.   API and compatibility changes This version does not introduce any changes to the various [...]

OKIOK Announces the Availability of RAC/M Identity 3.11.5

RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or in cloud computing. Improvements Module: Added a new module allowing batch renaming of [...]

SIEM 101 - Initial setup

In this post, I’ll explain how to initially setup a SIEM so you can receive your first logs. This is the second post of the series “SIEM 101″ where I explain the basics of a SIEM, from installation to simple usage. You can see the previous post SIEM 101 — Introduction. I decided to write the series using Logz.io because […]

OKIOK annonces the availability of S-FILER/PORTAL v4.14.3

Okiok releases version 4.14.3 of S-Filer/Portal™ secure transfer solution.   Features The main objective of this minor version is to improve the performance of file transfers and to update the libraries used by the solution.   Italian language support The solution now supports the Italian language in the web interface. It is [...]

social engagements

Le 24h de Tremblant

OKIOK contributes to this important event to raise money for various foundations and charities. This is a great opportunity for the OKIOK teams to run and ski to defeat childhood diseases.

Diapason Jeunesse

OKIOK is committed to student’s success at school. Each year, OKIOK donates to help this charitable organization provide free coaching and support services to young students in Laval.


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