With certified experts, a structured approach and exclusive methodology.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services are performed by a team of experts who are aware of the latest threats and of the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers, as they are constantly on the lookout. These specialists, who are able to think like hackers, have specialized training and certifications.

The OKIOK team, made up of several dedicated experts and specialists, performed several hundred penetration tests and vulnerability assessments over the last few months. Although it positioned itself as the reference in the gaming and lottery space, the OKIOK team performed tests in several other domains including media, health care, energy, finance, transportation, government services, education and many more, on the international and national scene.

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NorthSec 2023: AskG.O.D (SQL Challenge)

This post is a writeup of the AskG.O.D track that we did at NorthSec 2023. Introduction This was the introduction to the challenge. “Notepad.exe” is the forum where all challenges were posted. Port 1433 is the standard port for SQL Server, so I used SQL Server Management Studio to connect to the server with the […]

NorthSec 2023: Orchestry (Java RCE challenge)

This post is a writeup of the Orchestry track at NorthSec 2023. Introduction I don’t have the exact forum website which gave the entrypoint of the track but from what I remember it pointed to an HTTPS URL. Upon opening the URL, we are presented with a very old looking website. As soon as you […]


S-Filer Portal™ is a complete solution that enables large and small organizations to meet all of their enterprise needs for secure file transfer and storage. OKIOK RELEASES VERSION 4.17.6 OF S-FILER/PORTAL™ SECURE TRANSFER SOLUTION Bug fixes Fixed an issue where some parameters were not passed to extensions when an upload was [...]

OKIOK Announces the Availability of RAC/M Identity 3.16.5

RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, offered as an on-premise or SaaS solution. BUG FIXES Correction of the “next” button in [...]

social engagements

Le 24h de Tremblant

OKIOK contributes to this important event to raise money for various foundations and charities. This is a great opportunity for the OKIOK teams to run and ski to defeat childhood diseases.

Diapason Jeunesse

OKIOK is committed to student’s success at school. Each year, OKIOK donates to help this charitable organization provide free coaching and support services to young students in Laval.


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