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Congratulations to the OKIOK team who won top honors at the NSEC 2014, the most prestigious and largest on site « Capture The Flag” competition in North America.

The team came in first place with 171 points, followed by Amish Security in second place with 150 points, a first for them. A very honorable third place goes to the ETS team « Cracks en Logarithmes» who kept up the pressure throughout the weekend.

Team OKIOK came second last year.

Eric won himself a special prize and was bestowed the honorable title of « smart card guru » because he was the first (and maybe only) person to complete the smart card challenges two years in a row!

Again, well deserved kudos to the team :

  • Daniel Boteanu
  • Eric Vigeant
  • Michael Lahaye
  • François Xavier Desmarais
  • Jonathan Roy
  • Yannick Bédard, a new OKIOK citizen starting today
  • Mohankumar Vengatachalam who contributed as a guest member.
  • Marc Bergeron was with the team Friday but left after the first day.

The official site of the competition :

Congratulations, you make us proud !

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