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Okiok releases version 4.14.3 of S-Filer/Portal™ secure transfer solution.



The main objective of this minor version is to improve the performance of file transfers and to update the libraries used by the solution.


Italian language support

  • The solution now supports the Italian language in the web interface. It is now possible to assign the Italian language to a user. In addition to viewing the interface in Italian, this user will also be able to receive notifications in this language.


API and compatibility changes

  • This version does not introduce any changes to the various APIs of the solution.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • A visual enhancement of the user interface has been made with respect to the user self-registration feature.
  • REST upload services have been adjusted to react more quickly when a user or community’s quota is reached.
  • Fixed a security flaw in the web interface.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of JDK 11 (JDK11_0_10).
  • Fixed a bug in the certificate migration procedure (introduced in version 4.14.0) that could occurred if some very old files are still present.


Known issues

  • For the moment, there are no known problems.


Functional breakdowns

  • Reminder: The applet will soon be removed from the solution. The applet will be maintained in the solution at least as long as Microsoft officially supports the IE 11 browser, which is the last modern browser still supporting the Java plugin. It is recommended to migrate to the end-to-end encryption technology introduced in the solution and available with modern browsers.



This version does not require any particular intervention and does not introduce any changes to the database model. We strongly advise you to make a full backup of the solution before upgrading. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions about this upgrade.


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