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Okiok releases version 4.15.1 of S-Filer/Portal™ secure transfer solution.



The main purpose of this minor release is to add new configuration parameters for better customization of the solution.


API and compatibility changes

  • This version does not introduce any changes to the various APIs of the solution.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

Améliorations mineures et corrections de bogues

  • Certificate management for SSL connectivity with the Active Directory server is now available in the Certificate Manager of the Administrative Console.
  • Permissions have been tightened to restrict the ability to change the lifetime of a file. It is now impossible for a user of type “limited” to change these settings unless he is the sender of the file.
  • It is now possible to customize the title and description of the REST API documentation through a screen in the administrative console.
  • Fixed a regression in the process of inviting members into a share space. The drop-down list was no longer working, so it was necessary to enter the email address of the guest.
  • Fixed the file display context so that it remains the same after renaming a file or directory.
  • Fixed the editing context of a system administrator when we are in a user MFA settings and we use the back button.
  • Allow the use of SSH keys for users with multi-factor authentication.
  • Fixed a navigation problem in the sent files page.
  • Fixed the error message that appears when selecting multiple files for an end-to-end encrypted transfers.
  • Fixed a problem when moving files between directories with the GUI.
  • Fixed a concurrency problem when deleting files that had reached their lifetime.
  • Increase the default timeout parameter for the connection to the SMTP server from 60 to 60000.
  • Fixed a “deadlock” that could occur when there was a large load of file deletions on the server.
  • It is possible to pass a new configuration parameter in the wrapper.conf file to apply a timeout on non-active SSH connections.
  • The validation of email addresses has been relaxed to allow new domain names.
  • Fixed an error in the installation process that caused audit records to be deleted daily rather than applying the default settings.


Known issues

  • There are no known problems.


Functional breakdowns

  • Reminder: The applet will soon be removed from the solution. The applet will be maintained in the solution at least as long as Microsoft officially supports the IE 11 browser, which is the last modern browser still supporting the Java plugin. It is recommended to migrate to the end-to-end encryption technology introduced in the solution and available with modern browsers.



This version introduces a change to the database model and requires the use of sfiler-config-cli to achieve this. We strongly recommend that you perform a full backup of the solution before upgrading. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions regarding this upgrade.


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