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The new cloud service based on the OKIOK S-Filer/Portal™ solution, installed within large international companies, will be offered as a service on CDMS Canadian IT infrastructures.

This partnership provides small and medium-size organizations, with a flexible and readily available alternative based on user-friendly mechanisms for secure transfers, in line with their security policies and helping meeting governance obligations.

«For large companies able to sustain internal implementation of enterprise solutions such as S-Filer/Portal, it is easy to meet governance obligations and ensure traceability of information exchanges, both amongst employees and external partners of the organisation. For cons, the smaller companies were left behind. They must often rely on unsafe mechanisms, not knowing with certainty the location of their data, or simply not in line with the security and management policies of the organisation. » explained Claude Vigeant, OKIOK President.

CDMS and OKIOK, two Canadian companies, will offer as of May 2013, this new service to businesses. Companies will no longer have to manage there own technology infrastructures and will be able to benefit from a safe and flexible service meeting the security requirements of large organisations for a monthly usage fee.

« This collaboration is an opportunity for our organisations to showcase our respective skills to companies that need such a critical service for their operations within a framework of high availability, security and governance. This new service will provide them with a new way to secure and better manage the exchange of information at an affordable price for a wide variety of organisations.» added Chris Symeon, President of CDMS Inc.

About OKIOK S-Filer/Portal

S-Filer/Portal is a user-friendly multi-protocol solution for secure file transfer. Thanks to powerful encryption and the ability to enforce enterprise security policies, it facilitates the creation of secure and easy to use business channels for transferring critical information between employees, customers, suppliers and partners. S-Filer/Portal has been put to task by many prestigious organisations in Chile, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany and France.


World pioneer and Canadian leader in information security for more than 30 years, OKIOK delivers a complete range of services and products, including secure data transfer, encryption and identity management. Their vast offering takes the form of consulting services, outsourced security management, custom solutions and training services. Among the few firms in Québec to make research and development their cornerstone, they stand at the forefront of the sector through their on-going innovations.

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About CDMS

CDMS has been offering for over 15 years an extensive range of support solutions ranging from a telephone support center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a full range of server management services. CDMS offers expert technical resources and solutions to help prevent and maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure with a single point of contact.

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