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Okiok is releasing version 4.10.2 of S-Filer/Portal™.

This release is mainly a bug fixes release and does not introduce new feature in the product.


  • There are no new features introduce in this minor release.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • The jQuery JavaScript library has been updated to its latest version to address several CVE issues identified in the library.
  • The Community TTL was badly managed when the global value was set to -1.
  • Remove the “S-Filer” word from the Web Interface for a better integration with customer ecosystem when white labelling the application.
  • Fixed a problem with the cleaning of inactive local accounts.

Known Issues

  • We have identified an inconsistent behavior across the application for the Community TTL configuration. It is sometimes possible to set -1 to identify an infinite TTL for a community but this value is refused in other scenarios. A general fix will come in the next release to standardize the behavior in the application.
  • When a very large report is created, it is possible for the request to timeout before the report is completely generated. This generally happens when printing audit reports for long periods. The workaround in that case is to generate several smaller reports.


This section describes an update from 4.10.1

  • This update does not involve any database schema changes.
  • This update does not changes UI themes.
  • This update does not change the email templates.

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