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Okiok is releasing version 4.7.3 of S-Filer/Portal™.

This release fixes 4 issues.

  • Batch jobs (long running processes which are ususally scheduled during the night) have been further optimized in order not to lock database tables excessively when very large amounts of data are present.
  • Secure deletion: When secure deletion is active and a large number of files are marked for deletions, if there is a server restart, the server will take a long time to come up. This was due to the fact that the server attempted to cleanup all files marked for deletions securely before starting. This has been fixed and the secure deletion process will not prevent the server from starting and will continue in the background.
  • User lists as group admin: There was an error while computing the number of matched results when listing users as a group administrator. This has been fixed and the right numbers are displayed.
  • Uploading empty files in SFTP: Empty files could not be uploaded in SFTP due to a strange behavior in common SFTP clients regarding resuming already fully uploaded files. Clients have fixed this behavior, so we now allow the upload of empty files with the SFTP protocol.


  • This update does not involve database schema changes
  • This update does not change the UI themes or email templates

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