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Okiok releases version 4.14.5 of S-Filer/Portal™ secure transfer solution.



The main purpose of this minor release is to add new configuration parameters for better customization of the solution.


API and compatibility changes

  • This version does not introduce any changes to the various APIs of the solution.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • A patch prevents duplicate HTTP security headers on requests using the web interface ProxyServlet.
  • Fixed the handling of transactions when the data structure involved in the SQL query contains a Blob. This problem could lead to the loss of connections when the load was high on the system.
  • It is now possible to customize the settings of the database connection pool. The new settings are available for the server and administrative console connections. Just edit the main server configuration file sfiler.conf and add the following parameters:
  • A new type of log is now available and allows to visualize the status of different system runners. A runner is a background task that runs asynchronously with the objective of balancing the use of system resources. To activate this new log, you just have to edit the log4j2.xml file and insert the following two sections:
<!-- The logger for the Task Logger. This is a dedicated logger to have a view over the pending Tasks to be executed. -->
<RollingFile name="task-log" fileName="logs/tasks.log" filePattern="logs/tasks-%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.log">
    <ThresholdFilter level="DEBUG"/>
    <PatternLayout pattern="%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss},%m%n"/>
        <SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy size="1000KB"/>
    <DefaultRolloverStrategy max="100"/>
<!-- The logger for the Task Logger. This is a dedicated logger to have a view over the pending Tasks to be executed. -->
<Logger name="task-log" level="DEBUG" additivity="false">
    <AppenderRef ref="task-log"/>
  • A new “language (-l)” parameter is now available in the “send-email” command of the sfiler-cli command line utility. This parameter allows you to specify the language of the recipient’s notification email.


Known issues

  • For the moment, there are no known problems.


Functional breakdowns

  • Reminder: The applet will soon be removed from the solution. The applet will be maintained in the solution at least as long as Microsoft officially supports the IE 11 browser, which is the last modern browser still supporting the Java plugin. It is recommended to migrate to the end-to-end encryption technology introduced in the solution and available with modern browsers.



This version does not require any particular intervention and does not introduce any changes to the database model. We strongly advise you to make a full backup of the solution before upgrading. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions about this upgrade.

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