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RAC / M Identity™ now supports the entire users access rights provisioning cycle.

May 14, 2015.
Laval (Quebec), Canada.

RAC/M Identity™ is a complete identity and access rights management and governance solution for the entire organisation. RAC/M Identity™ generates identity models based on a simple and pragmatic set of criteria that responds to an up-to-the-minute dynamic organisational environment: jobs, positions, rules, context, and workflows. It enables enterprise wide views and control of accesses to reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements.

OKIOK announces today the availability of a new version of RAC/M Identity™, version 2.0, incorporating several new features, including enhanced services supporting the automation of provisioning cycle and the management of user’s access rights to systems, directories, applications, databases, and other assets of the organization.

RAC/M Identity ™ 2.0 now tightly integrates with the automated provisioning processes of various source and target systems through normalized ‘Identity Connector Framework’ (ICF) bi-directional connectors.

The new version also provides increased performance, improved usability as well as advanced administrative and analytical functionalities facilitating the pairing of identities and the allocation of access rights.

RAC/M Identity™ is also available as part of Identity Compliance As A Service (ICAAS) ad hoc professional engagements.

For more information, please visit: /products/identity-and-access-governance-racm-identity/ .

About RAC/M Identity™

The RAC/M Identity™ solution helps companies better understand the relationship between users and the information resources granted to them, thus enabling them to work toward more effective identity and access management, including management of any physical assets entrusted to users (access cards, telephones, tools, etc.).

In addition to facilitating and optimizing access management of various resources within the company, the RAC/M Identity solution also allows an organization to effectively demonstrate control over access to critical information assets, as required by the various normative frameworks to which the company must comply (SOX, PCI, NERC, HIPAA, etc.).

RAC/M Identity™ has been put to task by many prestigious organisations in Canada, and the United States.

About ICAAS engagements

The ‘Identity Compliance As a Service’ (ICAAS) approach is particularly suitable for small and medium businesses.  Cloud-based and not requiring technological infrastructure or special skills, this service is the key to finally being able to control identity management and access to the various company resources at a lower cost, while still taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the solution.


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