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Congratulations are in order for the OKIOK team for taking second place at the NSEC 2015 applied security event, the biggest and most prestigious “Capture The Flag” in North America.

The OKIOK team led the score throughout the event, against sustained pressure by the “HACK_TOUTE” team from ETS, who managed to take the lead by a mere 4 points in the last minutes of play.

The « HACK_TOUTE » team took first place with 121 points, while the OKIOK team took second place with 117 points. An honorable third place goes to team “BUILDS” from the US with 75 points. The OKIOK team took first place at last year`s event.

Congratulations to all team members:

  • Michael Lahaye
  • François-Xavier Desmarais
  • Jonathan Roy
  • Yannick Bédard
  • Gérôme Dieu
  • Eric Vigeant
  • Daniel Boteanu, who came back to support his former colleagues
  • Hugo Caron, a most helpful guest member

The official competition web site :

Congratutations ! You make us proud !

World pioneer and Canadian leader in information security for more than thirty years, OKIOK delivers a complete range of services and products, including secure data transfer, encryption and identity management. Their vast offering takes the form of consulting services, outsourced security management, custom solutions and training services. Among the few firms in Quebec to make research and development their cornerstone, they stand at the forefront of the sector through on-going innovation.

  • Pierre

    Good work, heard about okiok before but did think of much but now I give you credit.

    Any reps in Ottawa, On


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