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Laval (Quebec), Canada, April 4th, 2015.

OKIOK is proud to announce the availability of a new version of S-Filer/Portal™, integrating new features such as secure file synchronisation and sharing as well as improved performance and ergonomics.

Indeed, S-Filer/Portal™ 4.4 tightly integrates with business processes by offering practical components for faster and more secure files sharing, including specific functionalities of Managed File Transfer (MFT[1]) and Enterprise File Sharing Solutions (EFSS[2]).

While maintaining the exchange possibilities already offered with mobile devices using  HTTPS, FTPS or SFTP protocols, the new S-Filer/Sanctum™ components of S-Filer/Portal™ offer an additional mode of interaction with the new mobile technologies, allowing the users to share more easily their documents on Windows, iOS8 and Android platforms[3].

The S-Filer/Sanctum™ client for Windows allows, amongst others, to synchronise files between folders on desktops and share spaces or communities. Therefore, a document that is uploaded in a share space or a synchronisation enabled community will be automatically saved on the desktop of all members of that community.

The greater flexibility that comes with those new features maximizes the possibilities of interaction of S-Filer/Portal™ with most of the existing applications, as well as the automation of business processes.

The S-Filer/Sanctum™ client for Windows is now available. The S-Filer/Sanctum™ apps for iOS8 and Android will be available shortly. The version 4.4 of S-Filer/Portal™ will be available for free to clients subscribing to the annual maintenance and technical support program.

In addition, the cloud computing service mode, S-Filer/Cloud™, is based upon the new version 4.4 and offer the same features.

For more information, please visit : /products/s-filer/

About the S-Filer/Portal solution
S-Filer/Portal is a user-friendly multi-protocol solution for secure file transfer. Thanks to powerful encryption and the ability to enforce enterprise security policies, it facilitates the creation of secure and easy to use business channels for transferring critical information between employees, customers, suppliers and partners. S-Filer/Portal has been put to task by many prestigious organisations in Chile, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany and France.

World pioneer and Canadian leader in information security for more than thirty years, OKIOK delivers a complete range of services and products, including secure data transfer, encryption and identity management. Their vast offering takes the form of consulting services, outsourced security management, custom solutions and training services. Among the few firms in Québec to make research and development their cornerstone, they stand at the forefront of the sector through on-going innovation.

[1] MFT : Managed File Transfer

[2] EFSS : Enterprise File Sync and Share

[3] Windows 8 iOS and Android are the property of their respective owners.

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