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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or in cloud computing.

Major New Feature

Detailed contextual information in all types of Review Campaigns
Review Campaign: Modal detail window for review elements such as identities, groups, roles and accounts.

Each modal window displays different information depending on the context in which it is opened. You can see information about identities, groups, roles, accounts, entitlements, compliance, hierarchical structures of groups and roles, and differences in incremental review campaigns.

Minor Improvements

Review Campaign
Changed the review campaign types labels to make them clearer.

Added conditional approval in review campaigns.

Identity list
In the identity list, it is now possible to filter identities by supervisor or by reviewer.

Sequence execution
When executing a sequence, it is now possible to configure it to continue its execution if an error occurs in the execution of a block.

Other minor improvements

  • Added ModuleSystemEventAuditIntegrityCheck module to validate audit integrity
  • Added multiple indexes in the database tables related to the campaigns
  • Added an configuration in the Account Policies to determine what is done with the groups assigned to the accounts when they are completed.
  • In the identity list, it is now possible to filter identities by supervisor or by reviewer.
  • Added a control to adapt the subject when sending a written request email. This control allows to indicate that at least one access has been removed in the request.
  • Improved labels in the role modeling session at the role mining level. Labels determining what is done with static member assignment are clearer.
  • Improvement of provsioning requests. Added an option to override the account selection strategy.
  • Changed the default settings for the SSL protocol. Changed from TLS to TLS v1.2. This does not affect the configuration file currently deployed in client environments.
  • Increase the speed of loading campaigns


  • It is now possible to complete a campaign containing rejected accounts that have been deleted from RAC/M Identity
  • Error of review campaign extension. The email are no longer sent to reviewers who have completed their tasks related to this review campaign.
  • Added missing MS SQL stored procedure for “Azure” support
  • Fixed ModuleCreatePersonByKeyV2, the SRC_EMPTY_OVERRIDE_BY_NULL parameter was ignored.
  • Fixed ModuleDeleteNonUpdatedSinceDate module failing to execute.
  • Correction of the “…supervises…” button in the identity screen.
  • Fixed when there was an error executing an ICF connector. All subsequent tests failed.
  • Fixed the Approve button during an incremental review campaign with pre-approved items. Now it confirms the pre-approval instead of cancelling it.
  • Correction of role modeling sessions. When role mining, an error was occurring.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when duplicating a role.
  • Correction of account review campaigns. Completed accounts were included by error.
  • When a change is made to an identity associated to the person making the change in the interface, these changes will take effect immediately in the session.
  • Correction to the hierarchical group structure automatic update in the logical application integrity service.
  • Corrected inconsistencies in indicators related to active accounts matched to inactive identities.
  • Fixed the completion of a review campaign when it includes an identity or group deleted from RAC/M Identity.
  • fixed the status of reuqests in the self-service portal.
  • Corrected links in the notification emails of the review campaigns. The links now lead to the campaign details associated with this email.
  • Correction in the list of operational issues in the home page. If a sequence execution involves an ICF connector and if it causes an error, this error will be displayed in the list in addition to the sequence failure error.
  • Fixed the review campaign reminder. The email are now sent to the all the members of a delegation group.
  • The completed button no longer remains available after the approver’s completion of a role review campaign type.
  • Corrected the confirmation of a reset of the reviewed elements of a campaign
  • Corrected the display of a review campaign in the list when saved in “preview” mode. It is no longer displayed at the end of the list now.


Breaking changes

  • The ModuleDeleteNonUpdateDataInLastDay has been removed and is replaced by the ModuleDeleteNonUpdatedSinceDate module.


  • When a role is saved, all members of the parent roles are removed from the role.
  • Sub-roles are not given when assigning a role in the identity details screen.

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