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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or in cloud computing.




  • ModuleCorrelationByDomainAccountName. A performance improvement was made when the prefix or suffix do not contain replacement characters. #3282

External authentication service

  • A configuration option has been added to control the behavior or RAC/M Identity when configured with an external authentication services. This configuration enables clients to revert back to the pre 3.15.0 behavior where permissions were derived from the profile associated to the local account linked to the authenticated identity. This allows for a gradual migration of permissions from local accounts to external security groups. Once the migration is completed, it is recommended to set this option to “false” to prevent potential vulnerabilities arising from unauthorized user impersonation. #1006
    • Configuration property: auth.external.local_account_for_profiles.enabled=[true/false]

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