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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IGS) solution that enables large and small enterprises to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or SaaS.

04/02/2024: This version contains an issue with Azure database connections. Version 3.18.3 will fix this issue.


  • Added three configuration parameters to indicate the availability of all identities or only those for which the user is an approver in three self-service screens. (#4017) The parameters are as follows::
    • Add access: self.service.new_request.only_approver_identities, default: false
    • Employee termination: self.service.terminate_identity.only_approver_identities, default: false
    • External contractor termination: self.service.terminate_external_identity.only_approver_identities, default: false
  • Clarified the usage of fields in the Password Policies screen. #4019
  • Inactive identities are now taken into consideration when generating a role via a role mining session. #4022
  • The ModuleProcessStatusModificationIdentityManagements module can now also restore accesses granted by roles. #4038. The module can now also include or exclude assets. #4040


  • Fixed a bug that caused an error in the display of static role members and, under certain conditions, could lead to their removal. #4014
  • Fixed display of role details in self-service. #3993
  • Fixed a bug that would cancel changes (MANAGEMENT) following a group rejection in a campaign for an identity without a supervisor or approver group. #4023
  • Fixed a bug that caused no changes (ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT) to be created for rejections when submitting an account review campaign. #4031
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the numeric character field in the password policy screen from being saved. #4019
  • Fixed a bug that caused the status of an account change (ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT) not to be updated if there were no open group changes associated with it. #4028
  • Fixed audits when generating a role via a role mining session. #4022
  • Fixed an LDAP-specific problem causing a provisioning error when an account does not own a group when removing that group. Provisioning will no longer fail. #4047
  • Corrected campaign startup to take into account only generic delegation groups when assigning campaign elements that do not yet have an associated delegation group. #4023
  • Fixed asset filters in campaigns to support complex conditions on different elements (assets, items, groups, etc.). #4037

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