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This new version contains new features, performance improvements, enhanced security, improved ergonomics as well as German language support. Version 4.3 will be available, on December 1st, 2013 and free of charge for customers subscribing to the OKIOK Annual Maintenance and Technical Support Program.

Usability and enhanced functionality.
The key improvements offered by the new 4.3 version are, among others:

  • New user-friendly screens providing administration of users, groups and communities objects and relations directly from the same panel.
  • New copy feature on all objects such as user profiles, group or community.
  • New audit log configuration parameters enabling automatic archiving of audit entries.
  • New Support of multiple simultaneous HTTPS file transfers when using modern browsers.
  • The ‘Send file to an email recipient’ function now allows multiple email addresses in one action.
  • Software upgrade now supported directly by the installer.

Unconstrained Mobility.

Instead of interacting with the world through the monocular and restricted view of a proprietary ‘App’, why not have the choice? OKIOK demonstrates its commitment to S-Filer/Portal ™ and an unconstrained mobility support!

The OKIOK ‘Unconstrained Mobility’ approach allows a multitude of mobile devices to interact according to the needs of the organization and its technological choices with its user-friendly, multi-protocol file transfer and secure solution, S- Filer / Portal™.

‘A great number of Apps, Android or IOS, are now available, and often freely. Given the flexibility of the multi-protocol gateway included in S-Filer/Portal™, most of them can interact with the OKIOK enterprise solution. After considering the various options of interaction with S-Filer/Portal ™ and the possibility of a new private ‘App’, OKIOK has decided to maximize the interaction possibilities for its clients to accommodate their technological choices’, explained Eric Vigeant, Manager, IT Security solutions.

Several ‘ Apps ‘ have been certified to date and OKIOK now offers its customers to assess, according to their needs, the interactivity level between the ‘Apps’ of their choice and S-Filer/Portal™.

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About the S-Filer/Portal solution
S-Filer/Portal is a user-friendly multi-protocol solution for secure file transfer. Thanks to powerful encryption and the ability to enforce enterprise security policies, it facilitates the creation of secure and easy to use business channels for transferring critical information between employees, customers, suppliers and partners. S-Filer/Portal has been put to task by many prestigious organisations in Chile, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany and France.

World pioneer and Canadian leader in information security for more than thirty years, OKIOK delivers a complete range of services and products, including secure data transfer, encryption and identity management. Their vast offering takes the form of consulting services, outsourced security management, custom solutions and training services. Among the few firms in Québec to make research and development their cornerstone, they stand at the forefront of the sector through on-going innovation.

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