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Okiok is releasing version 3.5.12 of RAC/M Identity™.

This release fixes a few regressions introduced in the 3.5.x development branch.

Minor improvements

Role mining on inactive identities

Added the possibility of considering inactive identities in role mining operations. Previously, role mining operations would only consider active identities, but now a checkbox allows considering inactive identities as well. Note that terminated identities are never considered in role mining operations. The rationale behind this is that different organizations use the “inactive” status for different purposes and sometimes it may be useful to consider these identities when modeling roles.

Allow 0 as threshold value in role mining

The threshold for role mining can now be set all the way down to 0, meaning that an entitlement will be included in the role if any identity matching the mining criteria has this entitlement. Previously the value would be limited at 1 which meant that at least 1% of identities must have the entitlement for it to be included which could cause problems if there were entitlements present in less than 1% of the identity population.

Bug fixes

  • In identity review campaigns where roles were displayed, previous versions of the application would show an identity as having a role as soon as the identity matched the assignment criteria for the role. The role would still appear even if the identity had none of the entitlements included in the role. This has been fixed and now the role will appear only if the identity has at least one of the entitlements in the role.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.


Please consult the update document included in the release which describes the update steps in detils.
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