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Okiok releases version 4.11.0 of S-Filer/Portal™.



Important features and changes have been added in this release:

This feature allows encryption of files directly from browsers using Web Crypto API technology ( This technology aims to replace the Java Applet which is no longer supported by the vast majority of modern browsers.

End to end encryption

End to End Encryption

A very large proportion of the third-party libraries used by S-Filer Portal have been updated to facilitate the introduction of new features in future releases.


Minor improvements and bugfixes

  • REST Web Services allowing the management of the various entities have been slightly improved to offer a search by name.
  • The error return codes of the various REST Web Service calls have been adjusted to be in line with HTTP protocol.
  • Minor security enhancements following warnings published on external libraries used by S-Filer Portal.
  • A problem with users quota management has been fixed.


Known issues

  • A problem has been identified with very large report creation and will be corrected in the next release. A 502 (Bad Gateway) error can occur if the report generation time exceeds the 30-second period. It is recommended to filter the search criteria if this error occurs.
  • A problem with transfers of more than 2 gigabyte in HTTPS has been identified when IIS and ARR (Application Request Routing) are used as Reverse Proxy and will be corrected in the next release. It is recommended to use end-to-end encryption to prevent this problem from occurring.
  • Anonymous files deletion not yet downloaded by the recipient does not work and will be corrected in the next coming version.


Feature deprecation and removal

  • Support for version 1.0 of the HTTP protocol has been discontinued in this version of the solution. Migration to version 4.11.0 will ensure that communities configured with this version of the protocol will now use version 1.1.
  • AJP protocol support has been discontinued in this version of the solution. This feature has become obsolete since IIS has supported Application Request Routing (ARR) for over 10 years.
  • The next version of S-Filer will abandon the JMX technology used for communication between different components. JMX will be replaced by the HTTP(S) protocol. This change will simplify the configuration of the solution as well as the configuration of firewalls.
  • Applet support will soon be removed. The Applet will be maintained within the solution as long as Microsoft officially supports the browser IE 11 which is the latest modern browser still supporting the Java plugin. The end-of-life date of IE 11 is currently scheduled for January 14, 2020. It is recommended to use the new end-to-end encryption technology introduced in this version of the solution and available with modern browsers.



This section describes an update from version 4.10.5

  • This update requires changes to the database schema, so be sure to make a backup copy before you update.
  • Changes to the struts library has impacts on themes. Some minor corrections may be required.
  • This update does not change the email templates.


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