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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or in cloud computing.


  • The ModuleLocalDeleteFiles module now supports the ‘*’ wildcard for batch file deletion. For example, conf/csv/*.csv will delete all files with extension .csv from csv directory #2722
  • Added a parameter in the ModuleDeleteNonUpdatedSinceDate module to disassociate links when run in Account Termination mode #2527
  • In the campaign details page, the list of reviewers now has pagination and filter options #2719
  • In the group details modal in a role review campaign, the role assignment date is now displayed in the member matrix is now displayed #2711
  • Added several indexes to the database to improve the performance of some costly queries #2720


  • The ModuleCorrelationByDomainAccountName module now works with the ‘%’ wildcard #1825
  • When terminating and extending a campaign, notification emails are now sent to the right people #2716
  • Deleting a role review campaign no longer returns an error #2721
  • When importing via an ICF connector, the import no longer silently stops if one of the keys specified in the module is ‘null’
  • ModuleDeleteNonUpdatedSinceDate running in Account Termination mode now resets correlation status #2527
  • Manual campaign reminders are now functional in a role review campaign #2710
  • Certification of a deleted group in a role review campaign is now functional #2718
  • In the Tasks list, the Status filter is now above the right column #2727
  • Fixed a bad redirection after an SSO authentication
  • Fixed an intermittent error when a user tries to access RACM from an email

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