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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or in cloud computing.


  • Self-Service: In the home page, when the checkbox “View completed” is explicitly selected, there is no more attempt to automatically search on completed requests #2638
  • Added auditing when canceling a campaign #2669
  • Auto-approved tasks are now displayed in the various provisioning panels #2652


  • Access request
    • Written requests made for a technical account are now present in the written request list panel #2638
    • The justification is no longer duplicated in the detail of a written request #2638
    • Added a missing label for the “tooltip” in the “Ticket” column in the provisioning details panels #2638
    • In the task details modal, the badge indicating the type of request no longer overflows #2638
    • The permission to access the request details panel is now “Request – Read” (previously “Provisioning – Read)” #2638
    • When restarting a transfer request, identity modifications are no longer pre-approved #2698
    • When an owner approval is required for a role and the role owner is not defined, the approval process does not take this level into account
    • When creating an external contractor, the company is now saved in the Extra40 field of the identity #2641
    • When rejecting a task at the identity approval level, accesses not included in the task no longer remain indefinitely in the “Pending Approval” status #2688
    • In a fully pre-approved transfer request, identity changes no longer remain in “Pending Approval” status #2680
    • Correctifs variés dans les courriels de demande d’accès #2665
    • Various corrections in access request emails #2665
    • In the request details panel, it now displays “Created by System” when there is no requester #2654
    • Notice of departure and cancelled requests no longer remain in “Pending Approval” status once the approval process is complete #2653
    • Modifications to the renewal email template #2646
    • Group approval now uses the asset configuration when the “Use asset configuration” option is selected #2651
  • Access Review Campaign
    • Campaign approval settings are now also applied to the access review #2685
    • Comments on access rejection are now recorded #2679
    • In the campaign completion email, the number of items reviewed is now valid #2677
    • It is no longer possible to start a campaign with an end date in the past #2673
    • When saving a campaign, the end date is no longer advanced by one day #2672
    • Fixed an issue where some users could not access their campaign from the notification email #2671
  • Provisioning
    • In the manual provisioning page, requests without a target identity are now available for email template validation #2643
    • When manually provisioning in script mode, deleted groups are now ignored. Previously, an error was thrown #2696
    • Password attributes are now provisioned even if they are not encrypted #2664
  • Other
    • Fixed redirection after SAML authentication #2645
    • In the Organization / Structure panel, the Organization Read permission is now sufficient to display the details of a structure #2642
    • Added a Java property to disable stacktrace removal by the optimizer #2695


  • Two new directories have to be added in the notifications folder. They are provided in the installation package:
    • conf/templates/notifications/add_accesses_request
    • conf/templates/notifications/remove_accesses_request

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