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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IGS) solution that enables large and small enterprises to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, on-premise or SaaS.


  • Improved self-service campaign reports in XLSX format. They are now much faster to generate. #3802
  • SQL performance improvements
    • SQL index added to extended attribute import tables for “NAME” column. This index is added to tables that didn’t already have one and that contained this column. #4056
    • SQL index added to import tables for “SYNC_STATUS” column. #4056
    • SQL index added for identity “JOBS_ID” column. #4056
  • Moves the creation of group removal processes when an account is activated before materialization. This will allow these changes to be propagated immediately (in the same sequence) without the sequence being in error. #3739
  • If the Self-Service portal, it is now possible to select an inactive identity when requesting account reactivation. #4050
  • Added information on access revocation requests indicating whether they come from account activation or termination. #4054


  • Fixed error message when validating email in ModuleSendEmailFolder. #4067
  • Fixed an anomaly with the “Next” button in campaigns when the next item to be reviewed is on another global page and is not on the first sub-page. #4059
  • Fixed an anomaly that caused the ModuleCopyColumnsAndInsertSQL module to increment even when there was no change with the “SRC_EMPTY_OVERIDE_BY_NULL” option. #3386
  • Corrected handling of concurrent requests to activate the same account with the Remove groups on account activation policy. #4053

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