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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, offered as an on-premise or SaaS solution.


  • Creation of group removal requests during account termination. We have enhanced the account termination workflow to include the creation of group removal requests. This creation is triggered when a user clicks the Terminate button to end their account. In situations where the configuration indicates that groups should not be unassigned at account termination, group removal requests are now created but automatically marked completed to avoid provisioning errors. #3401
  • We improved the handling of extended attribute fields to optimize the application’s performance. We had been experiencing problems that slowed down the application considerably when viewed items containing extended attribute fields displayed a very large number of possible suggestions. These issues have been resolved, and screens with extended attribute fields are now faster. #3609


  • Reverse logic in the Don’t unassign groups on account termination field. In the Account Policies screen, we identified an anomaly with the logic in the this field. This issue has been resolved and the configuration in the database has been adjusted to reflect this correction. #3401
  • Duplication of accounts with the same identity. We have identified an anomaly that caused two accounts to be created for the same identity when two requests are opened. This issue has been fixed and the accounts are now materialized correctly.3214
  • We have identified an anomaly that prevents the global search from returning identities that do not have a full name defined. Even when their first or last name is entered in the search bar, these identities were not appearing in the search results. This issue has been corrected and identities without a full name are now returned in the global search results when part of their name is entered. #3632
  • We identified an issue with the email tester that prevented users from submitting an email with an empty username, and did not allow the specification of a sender email. This issue has been resolved, and the email tester now works even with an empty username and allows the specification of a sender email. #3290 #3304
  • When the ModuleCreateAccountFromAccountMng is used to provision groups to an account, the EXTRA20 attribute is used temporarily to link the request to the object materialized in the import tables. The query that used this field to make the link was incorrect and could impact data in the PROFILE_IMPORT table. This has been corrected. #3603
  • A correction was made to inconsistent text on the access request screen. When adding external identities, the screen was incorrectly referring to an identity termination. #3638
  • The ModuleFormaterSplitOnOtherLine module did not handle well the case when a row contained less columns than the header. Now the missing fields will be left empty. #3624
  • The ModuleManualProvisioningRequest module has been improved to no longer force the use of a password policy. #3606
  • We have corrected the login page to support SAML authentication. Previously, when first visiting this page, the SAML authentication button was missing. This issue has been resolved so that users can now access this feature on their first visit. #3654

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