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RAC/M Identity™ is our simple and effective identity governance (IAM) solution that enables businesses large and small to understand and manage the complex relationships between users and their access to physical and digital resources, offered as an on-premise or SaaS solution.


  • Fixed an issue where pending requests were not canceled when the identity employment was terminated. If such requests were approved, it could lead to erroneously reactivating accounts. #3660
  • Fixed permissions not being assigned correctly when a campaign is reassigned to another identity. #3712
  • Fixed an issue where completing a campaign would display a window alerting that some reviewers had not completed when that was not the case. #3708
  • Fixed transfer request not executing when applied to identities whose employment type is not in the list of employment types in this configuration: self.service.transfer.modify_fields.employment_types. #3721
  • Fixed an issue where SOD conflicts would not be displayed in the request screen or triggered an approval when all these conditions occur (#3696):
    • The conflict involves an entitlement already present on a deactivated account
    • The request causes the account to be reactivated
    • The asset is configured to keep entitlements upon reactivation

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