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S-Filer Portal™ is a complete solution that enables large and small organizations to meet all of their enterprise needs for secure file transfer and storage.


New features

Addition of new SFTP control parameters

The following new parameters have been added to the administration console to provide better control over SFTP connections and sessions:
The Maximum number of simultaneous connections allows control over the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed for the entire gateway. An empty value indicates that there is no limit.

The Maximum number of simultaneous connections per user allows control over the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed for a specific user. It is recommended to specify a value to prevent a user from abusing the solution. An empty value indicates that there is no limit.

The Maximum number of simultaneous transfers per session allows control over the maximum number of simultaneous transfers allowed for a connection session. An empty value indicates that there is no limit.

Breaking changes

This release changes the behavior of some features currently present in the solution. These changes may include enhancements, bug fixes, or behavioral changes designed to improve the user experience or performance of the solution. It is important to consider these changes and ensure that they do not disrupt your use of the solution.

SAML configuration with Azure

The SAML configuration via the administration console has been revised. Upon its initial introduction in version 4.16 of the solution, the various SAML configuration settings were associated with the Active Directory authentication method. To simplify SAML configuration, the SAML settings have been moved to a new Azure Active Directory authentication method. One impact of this is that users using SAML are now in the Azure AD authentication domain which is different from an Active Directory domain.

If you have an on-prem instance and have been using SAML with users in Active Directory domain, please contact support to get assistance with the migration plan. Note that SaaS clients will be migrated automatically by OKIOK’s SaaS team.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a deadlock that occurred under heavy load when using a MS SQL Server database.
  • The configuration of MFA/TOTP has been changed to use the server time instead of requiring a NTP connection to “”. To ensure correct operation of MFA/TOTP the server time should be properly synchronized.
  • An overly restrictive authorization rule prevented a group administrator from assigning a default community to a user under their responsibility if they were not part of the community. This authorization rule has been removed to allow for this use case.
  • The specification of the email path used by themes did not take into account the parameter specified in the administration console and always assumed that the value etc/mail was used.
  • The link in the notification email informing a user of the availability of a file did not work for users who had authenticated with SAML.
  • A fix has been made to allow for the introduction of line breaks in the SSH public key input field for a user.
  • Fixed the invitation process in share spaces when the message contained special characters or line breaks.
  • Fixed an error in the user and community management screen that made it impossible to select a group once it had been assigned.

This upgrade requires an update of the database. We strongly recommend that you perform a full backup of the solution prior to the upgrade. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions regarding this upgrade at

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