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S-Filer Portal™ is a complete solution that enables large and small organizations to meet all of their enterprise needs for secure file transfer and storage.


New features

Addition of an extension allowing the addition of users in batches

This new extension allows adding new users, user groups and communities in batch. The extension uses a CSV file as input parameter in which the following are defined:

1. The user ID (which is also the email address).
2. The user’s full name.
3. The name of the group.
4. The user’s language.
5. The name of the community.
6. An identifier indicating whether the community should be set as the user’s default community.

An example of an import file:,Name of User 1,fr,My group,My Secure Community,true,Name of User 2,en,My other group,My Secure Community,false,Name of User 3,fr,My group,My Second Secure Community,true

Addition of an extension allowing the transformation of images into PDF documents

This new extension allows you to create a PDF document from an image. When the image is dropped in the location where the extension is assigned, it is automatically transformed into a PDF file according to the parameters associated with the extension. The image formats supported by this extension are: JPEG, GIF and PNG.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem that abruptly interrupted connectivity with an ICAP server. This interruption caused files transferred to communities where the ICAP extension was active to be deleted automatically.
  • Optimized a code routine for checking the uniqueness of a file name in communities. This routine was consuming a lot of resources when the number of files in the community became very large.
  • Fixed the REST API documentation page (Swagger) to allow testing of endpoints directly in the page.

This upgrade does not require an update of the database. We strongly recommend that you perform a full backup of the solution prior to the upgrade. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions regarding this upgrade at

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