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New features

Reorganization of links in the left-hand menu

The links for accessing the creation of a sharing space and a quick upload have been moved to the top of the list in the left-hand menu. This change facilitates access to the links for users with multiple communities and sharing spaces. The previous links are still available.

Location of left menu links

Location of left menu links

Using templates for Shares

Templates can be used to create “Sharing Spaces” by pre-configuring their constituent elements. A “Sharing Space” is made up of a user, a group and a community. Unlike communities, “Share Spaces” do not present the configuration of the entities that are directly linked to the end-user to the latter. This method enables “Share Spaces” to be set up quickly, without requiring individual entity configuration. Templates facilitate this process by filling a gap. As a result, it’s easy to assign common characteristics to “Share Spaces” without requiring administrators to make changes to the configuration of directly linked entities.

When a “Share Space” is created, a new drop-down list lets you choose the template to be applied. By selecting a template, the features defined in the entities directly linked to that template will be implemented.

Using templates with shares

Using templates with shares

OAuth2 support for SMTP protocol

It is now possible to authenticate using the OAuth2 protocol for sending e-mails via SMTP. This configuration offers a higher level of security than the previous implementation based on Basic Auth. The administration console is used to enter the information required to obtain an OAuth2 token.

To implement OAuth2 in the solution, simply use the administration console and the “Email” link in the server configuration. Clicking on the link takes you to the detail page, where you can configure the SMTP server’s general parameters and authentication settings. OAuth2 configuration parameters are grouped under the “OAuth2” tab. These parameters must be obtained from the STMP service provider (Azure, Google Mail, etc.).

OAuth2 configuration for SMTP protocol

OAuth2 configuration for SMTP protocol

The full procedure for integrating OAuth2 for the SMTP protocol is available here (Mail server configuration guide with OAuth2) in our online documentation.

Modification of batch import extension

The extension allowing batch import of users has been modified so that it is now possible to specify whether added users are administrators of the group and/or community with which they are associated. It is now possible to add two new values to the CSV line to specify these new parameters. The definition of a line is now represented as follows:

1. The user ID (which also corresponds to the e-mail address).
2. The user’s full name.
3. Group name.
4. User language.
5. Community name.
6. An identifier indicating whether the community should be set as the user’s default community.
7. An identifier indicating whether the user should be defined as the group administrator.
8. An identifier indicating whether the user should be defined as the community administrator.

An example of an import file:,Name of User 1,fr,My group,My Secure Community,true,true,true,Name of User 2,en,My other group,My Secure Community,false,true,false,Name of User 3,fr,My group,My Second Secure Community,true,false,true
  • Accents are now ignored when searching for communities in the left-hand menu.
  • The batch user import extension now drops the error file in the same location as the original file, rather than in the community root.
  • The image-to-PDF extension now deposits the resulting PDF file in the same location as the original, rather than in the root of the community.


This upgrade requires an update of the database. We strongly recommend that you perform a full backup of the solution prior to the upgrade. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions regarding this upgrade at

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