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S-Filer Portal™ is a complete solution that enables large and small organizations to meet all of their enterprise needs for secure file transfer and storage.



This release does not introduce any new features. It is a minor release designed to address issues identified in version 4.19.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the password policy validation mechanism when a user was in more than 1000 groups. This prevented the user from making a password change.
  • Corrected the date format to specify a four-character year when generating CSV file reports. This change allows the import to function correctly in Excel.
  • Correction to Quotas management to allow a group administrator to override the default value.
  • Correction to the transfer logging extension, which was no longer working since version 4.19.1.
  • Correction of the search system in the left-hand menu to better manage accented characters.
  • Addition of the download icon for users with a “limited” role in the list of received files.

Known issues

There are currently no known problems with this version.

* This upgrade does not requires an update of the database. We strongly recommend that you perform a full backup of the solution prior to the upgrade. Do not hesitate to contact our support group if you have any questions regarding this upgrade at

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